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Meet Wynd

We drink filtered water, use non-allergenic detergents, and try to refrain from too much candy. But what about the air we breathe? This is what flashed through Ray Wu's mind as he stepped off a plane in Beijing into a thick shroud of smog. The air smelled of scorched metal, a brown haze obscurred the landscape, and his throat felt immediately coated with dust. Later on in the trip, the sky turned back to blue—but the sickness continued, and he wasn't sure why. He realized that he needed a device that could sense the air and clean it up as needed—wherever he went. In 2014, Ray gathered a team of fellow MIT engineers and renowned designers to create Wynd.

Wynd's here to enable healthy spaces for people to be at their best.

Why Wynd?

Wynd isn't just an air purifier - it's an intelligent personal air quality system. Wynd monitors and cleans the air as needed. 

The Wynd Plus is the size of a water bottle and weighs less than a pound, but is powerful enough to clean your personal space of allergens, germs, and air pollution using medical grade air filters. The Wynd Plus comes with a detachable Air Quality Tracker that monitors your environment and communicates with our Wynd App to give you real-time insights into the air you are breathing. 

The Wynd Max is the most powerful purifier in its class with precision turbine engineering and V-series HEPA filters which clean 200 sq ft every 5 minutes (up to 1200 sq ft). The Wynd Max communicates with the Wynd Halo to understand your environment, make recommendations, and automatically interfaces with solutions to take care of any issues. 

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    Wynd is with you every step of the way for safer, healthier air.