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WYND KN-95 Masks

What is the difference between an N-95 mask and a KN-95 mask?

N-95 masks are manufactured to meet a US standard while KN-95 masks are manufactured to meet Chinese standards. Both N-95 and KN-95 meet the same standards for particle filtration at 95%.

We are aware that the FDA has recently cracked down on some “KN-95” masks that do not meet the US requirement for safe usage however our KN-95 masks have been and are still FDA certified safe to use.

What are KN-95 masks capable of filtering?

KN-95 masks meet the same particle filtration rate as the US N-95 spec masks. These particles can range from things like dust, pollen, smoke, etc. to respirated aerosol droplets in the air that can carry and spread viruses like COVID or H1N1.

How many layers of material do your masks have?

Our masks have 5-layers of protection.

Can masks really prevent the spread of COVID?

Yes. COVID, like most other viruses, spread via respirated aerosols (from infected people breathing out, coughing, sneezing, etc.). These aerosol droplets can vary in size between 1 to 5 microns and stay suspended in the air. N-95 and KN-95 masks are capable of removing almost 100% of those aerosol droplets.

Can I return the masks for a refund?

We can not accept refunds for the KN-95 masks after they have been received by the customer. We take our customers’ safety very seriously which is why we package our masks in air-tight packaging from the factory. We are confident that all masks that are shipped are 100% safe to use, however, once the masks have arrived at their destined location we can no longer verify that those products have not been tampered with. For this reason, all mask sales are final once the customer has received their order. We apologize for any inconvenience.

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