Wynd's Smart Portable Air Purifier

Breath Easy, Live Freely

There is nothing more critical to our wellbeing than the air we breathe—and that’s no exaggeration. Inspired by a desire to bring fresh air to polluted megacities, our team developed a new technology that not only purifies the air but also monitors air quality in real-time.

We make the invisible, visible.

How Healthy Is The Air You Are Breathing Now?
Wynd Can Tell You - And Make It Better!

What Makes Wynd Special

We set out to make the best possible air purifier for man-made pollutants. Instead, we created a portable air purifier that can knock out invisible allergens, pet dander, and smog as powerful as the $600 in room units . . . plus, you can take it anywhere. Say goodbye to hay fever, forever.

Wynd’s air purifier is only half of the magic. Our personal sensor is the strongest of its kind, boasting 99.5% accuracy when compared with the most monitoring advanced tech in the world. You’ll receive alerts about the air quality around you in real-time.

Why A Portable Air Purifier

Air is everywhere, and we're lucky it is so. But precisely because air is everywhere do we need a solution that goes where we go if we want to ensure the air we're breathing is safe and good for our health.

Currently, there are only a few thousand air quality monitoring stations across the entire continental U.S, which means quantitative data on our environment is sparse. Every time you use Wynd's Air Quality Tracker, your sensors automatically record and share indispensable scientific data.

At its size, Wynd is one of the smallest and most effective air purifier in the world. Wynd has been through professional, third party lab tests that proves its efficacy. It's small, but powerful.

What Others Are Saying

"Wynd's portable air purifier is fairly lightweight and easy enough to bring with me. I feel much better with the device around. The sensor is nice add-on too and shows me air quality readings." - Pearl Chan, Wynd's Kickstarter Backer

"We were sawing a wood board in the garage and the tracker was showing some pretty crazy numbers - so I turned the purifier on and the number started decreasing." - Brian Romero, Wynd Customer

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