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Wynd Halo - Smart Air Quality Sensor (Pre-order)
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Home is a sacred place. Don’t let bad air ruin it. With Wynd Halo, you can monitor—and physically perfect—your environment. 

$18/month* | $99

Never worry about the air in you home again.

Knowledge is power.

We take 20,000 breaths every day, but what’s in the air we’re breathing? Wynd Halo can tell you and make it better.  Wynd Halo houses more sensors than any other environmental sensor. It monitors the air and gives you a summary of your environment at a glance.

The dynamic duo of air quality

Optimized for you

When Halo is near you, the purifier will optimize its cleaning for where YOU are.

Save on energy costs

Since the purifier only turns up when the Halo triggers it, it's super energy efficient.

No need to manually control it

Halo tells the purifier when it needs to turn up and down. Just sit back, relax, and breathe easy.

Odorless toxins are cleaned up

Halo can detect substances that you can't smell - and the purifier automatically removes them

Smart devices for a healthy home.

With automatic optimizations and integration with internet connected devices, your Halo and Home Purifier can automatically optimize the air around you for whatever you're doing. To change temperature, light, and more, Halo works with platforms such as Honeywell Home, Alexa, and Google Home. 

Air ID: Know what's in your air.

Most air quality sensors just measure the general concentration of particles, but can’t tell you what’s actually there. We think it’s important for you to know whether your air has pollen, forest fire smoke, or smog from the nearby industrial plant. (Feature coming soon)

Geek out about your air.

Wynd gives you insights about the air around you so that you can make long-term improvements to your environment.

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  • FAQ

What Wynd detects...

  • Wynd Halo 
  • Wall mount 
  • Cable (micro USB) 
  • Charger

Tech Specs


Diameter : 97 mm

Depth : 23 mm

Mass: 160 g

Colors: Matte White

Material : PC - ABS

Charging type: USB - C port

Battery life: 3+ hours 

Power adapter:

Input: 100-240 V, 0.35 A (max)

Output: 5 V, 0.35 A (max)

Power usage: 6 W

Recharging time: 2 hours

Cable length: 2 m


Wireless : WiFi (802.11b/g/n), BLE

Mobile apps supported : iOS, Android

Third-party IOT integrations : Honeywell Home, Alexa, Google Home



Is there customer support?

Yes! We have an in house customer support team trained to make using and setting up your Wynd a breeze (no pun intended). Contact support at, message us on facebook @hellowynd, or use the messenger app Message us on Facebook


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