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It’s not you, It’s your air.
Coughs, sneezes, sniffles, headaches? These are all the symptoms of bad air. There are only so many windows you can open, close, or purifiers you can buy for your home, office, car and everywhere you go in life.
Wynd Plus
The most powerful portable air purifier with the most accurate portable air quality sensor
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Wynd Essential
Wynd’s Latest Revolution in Portable Clean Air
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Wynd Air Quality Tracker
World’s smallest accurate air quality sensor
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Hear What Our Thousands of Happy Customers Have to Say
“Thanks to Wynd my daughter can go outside without a mask. She can breathe freely without worrying about her allergies or asthma. Wynd has completly changed our lives for the better”
Rosie Chen
Wynd Plus
“I travel a lot for work all over the world and love to get my runs in, but many of the places I go have really unhealthy air. Every morning before a run I use my Wynd Air Quality Tracker to check the air and see if its safe to exercise outside that day. This small little device helps me stay healthy and gives me peace of mind that I’m avoiding dangerous air”
Julia Whitmore
Wynd Plus
“I was diagnosed with COPD 3 months ago. For the first two months I was tied to the home because it was the only place I could ensure there was clean air. I got a Wynd Essential so I could at least drive around, but this little device has given me so much more. Now I can go just about anywhere and know that my air will be clean. It has truly given me my life back.”
Frances Sanchez
Wynd Plus
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Wynd was founded to empower everyone to breathe fresh clean air no matter where they are. Every Wynd bought is another bubble of healthy of air. And, with every purchase of Wynd we plant a tree to provide fresh air to the rest of the world

With every Wynd purchased a tree is planted and the world can breathe that much better.

Learn more about what Wynd is doing to improve our air and keep the planet healthy for future generations.

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